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Participants can go deep with conference tracks centered on Vision, Research, Implementation, and Evidence.

EdSurge Fusion brings together change-makers from inside and outside of schools. Policy makers and entrepreneurs will join ed leaders, bringing a diversity of perspectives to the experience.

Fusion brings together powerful resources, inspiring keynotes, facilitated networking, and on-point workshops that school leaders need to create paths for student success.

4:00 PM


Karen Cator, Digital Promise

Betsy Corcoran, EdSurge

2:05 PM

2:40 PM

1:00 PM

Conference at a Glance

1:15 PM



Introduced by:

Jill Hedrick, Turnitin


Betsy Corcoran, EdSurge


Karen Cator, Digital Promise                              

Stacey Childress, New Schools Venture Fund

Bart Epstein, Jefferson Education Accelerator Phyllis Lockett, LEAP Innovation                          

Bob Wise, Future Ready

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Welcome: The Path Ahead

What is Powerful Learning? 

Students tell their stories.

Voices From the Field

Powerful Learning: Brilliant Future

Fusion Cohort: Building Your Personal Learning Network

Networking Reception with Sponsors


Marco Torres, Digital Promise                                      


Jeremiah, Entrepreneur, Music Producer and Connected Community Leader, High School

Nate, Science Podcaster, 2nd Grade

Paola, DIY Girls, High School

Zaina, femSTEM, Secondary School

10:00 AM

Introduced by:

Heath Morrison, McGraw-Hill Education


Jason T. Green, Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC)

Leonid Rabinovich, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

5:00 PM

The first Cohort session will focus on identifying participants’ specific questions, successes, challenges, or interests around personalized learning. The Cohort will divide into smaller groups focused on similar interest areas.

In the wake of the recent natural disasters in Napa, Houston and Miami, school leaders have had to spring into action, providing support for teachers, staff and of course, students and families. How did they do it?

The second Cohort session allows for a deep dive into participants are of focus. Using a modified consultancy protocol, individuals will share experiences, learning, and get feedback on a problem of practice. The session will conclude with the opportunity to synthesize insights and identify a strategy to move forward.

Browse innovative work in education and research and chat with the authors at the Digital Promise poster session.

8:40 AM

Each track explores a set of essential questions. Attendees can go deep on a single track or mix and match to cover the trajectory of school change. Scroll down to see track agendas.

3:30 PM

A choice of 10 hands-on workshops that will give participants the tools, processes and techniques to continue their personalized journey.

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Anthony Kim, EdElements


Tom Vander Ark, Getting Smart


Benjamin Schrom, Google

Christian Guirnalda, Verizon

Mirjana Spasojevic, Hewlett Packard

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1:00 PM

Breakfast and Brewing Up New Connections

Opening Remarks

AI, AR, VR: Creative Future or Chaos

Keynote Address






Lunch Fireside Chat

Poster Session

Track Workshops





Cohort Time: Sync Up

Networking Reception with Sponsors

Movie Screening and Discussion: 

Without A Net: The Digital Divide in America

5:00 PM

7:30 AM


Keith Krueger, CoSN


Barbara Nemko, Napa County

Leonid Rabinovich, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS)

Lenny Schad, Houston Independent School District

8:30 AM

7:00 PM

10:00 AM

12:00 PM

Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America explores how access to technology can provide opportunities for learning and help level the playing field for underserved communities. 

10:30 AM

In the final Cohort session, participants reflect on their learning from the conference and their Cohort cluster and further develop a strategy, make a plan of action, or recognize an insight that can support them as they move forward on their personalized learning journey.



Introduced by:

Nasir Qadree, AT&T


Betsy Corcoran, EdSurge


Jim Shelton, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Bror Saxberg, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


Cohort Time: Next Steps

The Path Forward to Personalized Learning 

Vision, Research, Implementation, Evidence: What's Next?

Conclusion and Extras

11:30 AM

8:00 AM

7:15 AM

9:30 AM

We will hear from our track leads, a summary of:

  • What we set out to do
  • What was shared and discussed
  • What's next

Vision Track: Tom Murray & Carl Hooker, Future Ready

Research Track: Vic Vuchic, Digital Promise

Implementation Track: Troy Wheeler, Ed-Fi Alliance

Evidence Track: Katrina Stevens, JEA

Preparing for Radically Different Futures of Learning with Technology

Jeremy Roschelle, Executive Director, Learning Sciences Research, Digital Promise Global

1:00 PM

Workshop 3


Thursday, Nov. 2nd


Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Promise


Jose Blackorby, Senior Director of Research and Development, CAST, Inc.

Lisa Dieker, Pegasus Professor and Lockheed Martin Eminent Scholar, University of Central Florida

Bruce McCandliss, Professor, Stanford University, Graduate School of Education

Spotlight Talks

Panel Discussion:

Research Practice Partnerships

Panel Discussion:

Vision for Personalized Learning - Creating, Partnering and Sustaining it With Your Community

Workshop 1

Education Innovation: Is Education Technology an Enabler or a Barrier?

Scott Bess, Head, Purdue Polytechnic High School, Indianapolis

Open Your Mind to the World of Work

David Miyashiro, Superintendent, Cajon Valley Union School District

Edward Hidalgo, Chief Innovation & Engagement Officer, Cajon Valley Union School District

Parsing Personalized Learning: A Schema for Mining Text-Based Data

Chris Liang-Vergara, Chief of Learning Innovation, LEAP Innovation

Alex Sigillo, Research Project Manager, EdSurge

Track Leads: Tom Murray & Carl Hooker


Ryan E. Russell, Assistant Superintendent for Innovation and Improvement, MSD of Warren Township


Randy Ziegenfuss, Superintendent, Salisbury Township School District

Cederick L. Ellis, Superintendent, McComb School District

Barbara Nemko, County Superintendent, Napa County Office of Education

Lillian Hsu, Founding Principal, Latitude 37.8 High School

Spotlight Talk & Fishbowl:

Learner Variability

10:00 AM

10:00 AM

1:00 PM


Barbara Means, Executive Director, Learning Sciences Research, Digital Promise Global


Laura Wentworth, Director of Research Practice Partnerships, California Education Partners

Caitlin Christine Farrell, Director of the National Center of Research in Policy and Practice, School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder

Savitha Moorthy, Director STEM Equity Research, Digital Promise Global

Bill W. Sanderson, Assistant Superintendent of High Schools, San Francisco Unified School District

Plan. Implement. Personalize. How to Ensure All Students Achieve their Full Potential.

Tom Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools

Workshop 2

Workshop 1

Aubrey Francisco, Chief Research Officer, Digital Promise

Laura Wentworth, Director of Research Practice Partnerships, California Education Partners

Workshop 2

Redefining the Researcher-Practitioner Relationship through Partnerships

From Vision to Practice: Redesigning Lessons for Deeper Learning and Student Agency

Scott McLeod, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Colorado Denver

Using Analytics to Improve Schools and Learning Environments

Andrew Krumm, Director of Learning Analytics Research, Digital Promise

Stephanie Teasley, Research Professor, School of Information, & Director, Learning Education & Design Lab (LED Lab), University of Michigan

Track Lead: Vic Vuchic

Spotlight Talks

Workshop 2

10:00 AM

Spotlight Talks

Track Lead: Katrina Stevens

Learning What Works: Using the RCE Coach to Evaluate Ed Tech and Other Initiatives

Alexandra Resch, Associate Director, Mathematica Policy Research

Institute Impact During Implementation: Does the Emperor Have Clothes?

Shawn Rubin, Chief Education Officer, Highlander Institute

Great Inspectations: Using Formative Feedback to Increase Learning Outcomes

Scott Rosenkranz, Teacher, Sunny Hills High School

Panel Discussion:

Personalization: Moving Beyond Version 1.0

Panel Discussion: 

How Personalized Learning Schools and Districts Measure Improvement

Personalized Learning: Putting It Into Practice

Kristen Howell, Pilot Network Director, LEAP Innovations

Brian Johnson, Personalized Learning Manager, LEAP Innovations

Juan Gutierrez, Principal, Patrick Henry Elementary School

April Capuder, Principal, Gwendolyn Brooks Middle School


Eileen Rudden, Board Chair, LearnLaunch Institute


Pamela Moran, Superintendent, Albemarle County Public Schools

Grace Magley, Director of Digital Learning, Natick Public Schools

Blanca Herrera, Director of Instructional Technology, Saratoga Union School District

Stan Gorbatkin, Assistant Superintendent Technology Services and CTO, Indian Prairie School District 204

Professional Learning for Teachers: Personalized

Juliette Cricket Heinze, Executive Director of Knowledge Sharing, New York City Department of Education

Zoe Schlesinger, Director of Product Development, Knowledge Sharing Team, NYC Department of Education

10:00 AM

1:00 PM

Erin Mote, Co-Founder, Brooklyn Lab Charter School

Leonid Rabinovich, Executive Director, Department of Instructional Technology, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Brianna Hodges, Director of Digital Learning, Stephenville Independent School District

Workshop 1


Joseph South, Chief Learning Officer, ISTE


Melissa Dodd, Chief Technology Officer, San Francisco Unified School District

Patricia DeklotzSuperintendent, Kettle Moraine School District

Lenny Schad, Chief Technology Information Officer, Houston Independent School District

What We're Learning: Personalized Learning Models, Tools and Outcomes

Chris Liang-Vergara, Chief of Learning Innovation, LEAP Innovation

Robert McCabe, Vice President, Education and Outreach, Lexia Learning

Shani Wilkes, Senior Research Manager, Lexia Learning

Sarah O'Connell, School Director, CICS, Bucktown Distinctive Schools

1:00 PM

Workshop 2

Cookbook for Personalized Learning - How to do Personalized Learning without a platform

Troy Wheeler, President, Ed-Fi Alliance

Sean Casey, Strategic Partnerships, Ed-Fi Alliance

Finding What Works in What Context

Katrina Stevens, Consultant, Jefferson Education and former Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Technology

Alex Resch, Associate Director of Human Services Research, Mathematica Policy Research

Workshop 3

Workshop 1

Track Lead: Troy Wheeler

What are tracks? 


Conference attendees will engage in a unique cohort experience, aimed at bolstering their professional learning networks with leaders from around the country. Together these groups will compare experiences, strategies and tactics for strengthening personalized learning. Some of the discussion themes for the cohorts are Strategic Curriculum, Technology Infrastructure, Professional Development, School Culture, and Change Management.

What are cohorts?

The RESEARCH Track will explore how research in the learning sciences contributes to a vision of teaching and learning that leverages advanced technologies, supports learner variability and agency, and is developed in partnership with educators.

Each track aims to explore a set of essential questions. Attendees can go deep on a single track or mix and match to cover the trajectory of school change.

The IMPLEMENTATION track will explore how school leaders are transforming their schools through technology and practice to create a personalized learning environment.

The EVIDENCE track will explore how school leaders know when new teaching and learning approaches are “working” or not and how to improve their decision support systems.


The VISION track will explore how school leaders create and grow a vision of teaching and learning that is personalized and supports learner variability and student agency.

  • What are the learning sciences? What are the grand challenges of education that learning sciences and emerging technologies could help address?
  • How could artificial intelligence support teachers and students? What are the risks and what will we need to do to address them?
  • How can researchers and practitioners work together to solve educational problems? How can we overcome obstacles to more productive and satisfying partnerships? How can we communicate more effectively?


  • How do you build a vision for the future of education in your district that will persist through inevitable changes in leadership?
  • How do you ensure that a vision is shared across your community, including students and families?
  • How do you ensure that excellence, equity and personalization are woven into that vision? 

  • How can district and school leaders create optimal technology-rich learning environments? 
  • In a data rich education environment, how do you ensure data interoperability, privacy and security?
  • How do you support a culture of trying new ideas? How do you make room for proven innovations?


  • How do you know when an approach or practice is “working”—or not?
  • How can we rapidly gather and share evidence that can inform improvement of educational programs and practices?
  • What changes do we hope to see as we make information about products and evidence broadly available? 

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